PowerShell Web Server for Raw Text Transmission

This script will create a temporary web server on the local system and will listen on the host IP and specified port. You will then be able to post some raw data that will be accessible on the network. When running the script you will be asked what port to listen on and what raw data to post. This script does not supporting the posting of files or folders.

The raw data can be accessed one of three ways.

Option 1: PowerShell — Using the below syntax to view it on the screen. It will be in
the raw content section.
Invoke-WebRequest http://<IP_Address>:<port>/default

Option 2: PowerShell — Using the below syntax to save the data to a local file
Invoke-WebRequest http://:/default -OutFile downloaded_data.txt

Option 2: Internet browser — Using the below syntax to view it in the browser

This PowerShell script can be found in my script repo on the right-hand side of the screen.