To broadcast a SSID or not to broadcast a SSID, that is the question

For some, wireless security and securing ones home network can mean a number of things. Some people feel that disabling the broadcast of their SSID gives them that extra layer of security. Depending on the context of the conversation at that time, I can somewhat see their perspective. From my standpoint, I will most of the time disagree with disabling SSID broadcasting. Mainly due to the commercial tools available that will decloak an SSID revealing it. My professional opinion is that everyone who does this is just trying to protect their network but it does intrigue me as to what is so important that they are trying to secure. With that said, the aforementioned could draw people to your network just to figure that out.

Everything we did in life has risks. So the risks here are 1) one can broadcast their SSID, blend in, and hope to not be attacked or 2) not broadcast and take the chance of someone not using any tools to identify cloaked networks.